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Released:June 2nd, 2014

Dead Bees records label sampler #12 - June 2014
Various Artists – Dead Bees
Format: CD-R / Digital
Release date : June 2nd, 2014.
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under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License
Label Sampler #12 - June 2014

Some early birds purchased this twelfth sampler on 12/12/12. We're only wrapping it now, 18 months later. Some might think it was a long and painful process. Actually, it was quite
the opposite. We delayed this latest sampler for many reasons until we decided to put it out for Primavera Sound Barcelona 2014. This compilation has been put together in a rush within two days. We were able to achieve this last minute release with the support of all the friendly bands who submitted great material on such a short notice.
To you all, you rock! Thanks a million!

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13. 1984 (05:19)

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