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Sea Monster by The Crypts!

Album Description

It's a Gosh Darn Crypts Party!
It's a Gosh Darn Crypts Party!
Producer: Matthew Luger
Engineer: Jay Kole
Garage Rock of the highest caliber, complete with gasoline fumes from the best trashcanband in Fredericksburg, VA, where Link Wray first displayed the monumental force that is the power chord. Rock n Roll Love is a rare thing to come by, but when these four kick things off, you better
bust out your poncho. The Crypts owe a lot to everyone who came before them. Not just the Sonics, the Wipers, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins, but also Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, and Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen. And now that you can get It's a Gosh Darn Crypts Party for free, the circle is complete. The debt is repaid. The Crypts are all-natural and DDT Free, except when they eat it straight out of the box. Mike Tschirn - Drums Kristin "Monster Rock" Tschirn - Git-box Nathaniel Miller - Harmon's Craig Graziano - Blurts Produced and mixed by Matthew Luger with assistance from Jay Kole  



04. The Crypts! - Sea Monster 00:02:00

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