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 The Blacks (1 Albums, 2 Tracks)


In 1993, Danny Black found a Hank Williams record left behind in the apartment he had just rented and everything started to make sense. He met Gina Black at a G. Love and the Special Sauce show at Lounge Ax. She promptly abandoned her classical bass training and they formed a rock band. Drummer James, culled from an Eagles cover band (we wish we were kidding about that), was known about town for his wide lapels, a drumming style that looks like he's having a seizure, and rambunctious head banging at all Devil in a Woodpile shows. Rounding out the
line up (for the first record) on rhythm guitar, sweet harmony vocals, and the occasional French maid outfit, was Nora O'ConnorThey put on one hell of a live show, my friends. They were very handsome and striking, and they knew how to put on a visual feast. And NO ONE played, beat, bent, and bowed a stand-up bass like Gina. Believe it.Sadly, The Blacks collapsed under the weight of their own volatility and broke up after only two records. Twenty years from now, your kids are going to laugh at the American cultural tastemakers of the day for not realizing how amazing The Blacks were. "Why," they will ask snottily, "did all you buy those dumb-ass Creed records and let a band like The Blacks go unnoticed?" Why, indeed.