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Conservatory Sessions by The Atomic Gardens

Album Description

Released:July 11th, 2011

It still surprises me that these recordings exist at all. The Atomic Gardens really were such an unlikely band, the product of two creative individuals who despised each other from the day we first met. When the idea of forming a band was proposed by Gary, I laughed it off and went along for what I thought would be our only practice. After a number of practices, and we had worked his lyrics and my music into a few full songs, I realised that this was worth pursuing. That was in late 2006, and today, the debut album is complete, but sadly still not recorded. This has been due to a lot of unkept promises on both sides, and a range of things getting in the way despite living about 5 minutes from each other. I've decided to release a number of the demos we recorded over the years in Gary's conservatory. In some of the recordings you can hear cars driving past, and excerpts of Scottish weather. They are all recorded live (except for Drop Away), are a little rough around the edges, and most haven't been heard outside of a small circle of friends and band-mates. I'd like to hear these songs recorded again with our collected years of experience, but at this point, it's uncertain whether that will ever happen. Until then, here are The Conservatory Sessions.



Conservatory Sessions
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