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A Derrota da Engrenagem by The Astroboy

Album Description

Cover by aeriola::behaviour
Back by aeriola::behaviour
Released:February 28th, 2007
Label:test tube

«On his debut album 'the astroboy' suggests a codified description, a personal struggle, a relentless conflict that seeks an end, as is clear from the names of his songs. The result is nothing but a sensitive and serious record that will keep you from moving away from your music player. In "A Derrota da Engrenagem", the songs presented by Luís Fernandes seem to be somewhere between post-rock, (occasionally) experimental, and some sort of atmospheric cruise. You'll picture one of his captain's logs, a report that will not appear abruptly, that will not produce harsh sounds for distracted listeners. It might be a little hard though for those with spiritual breathing difficulties to survive this cruise, but if you choose to go on a trip with the astroboy you will be able to gaze at the stars through the amazing glass of his spaceship...»

Release notes by Filipe Miranda in Test Tube website.


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