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Cradle the Chanteuse by The Agrarians

Album Description

From the ridiculously sublime, let’s now move on to the sublimely ridiculous, as I have - these past few months - been enthralled by the bucolic haze of A BODY THROUGH THE DAY, another drifting and ever-unfolding work by Baltimore’s excellent (and most appropriately-named) The Agrarians. This ensemble is led
by songwriter Matt Perzinski, whose uncannily feminine overdubbed twin harmony vocals shimmer and whinny their message like matronly middle-aged Siamese twin librarians delicately alerting patrons that the place is about to close. Yes, there’s something truly ‘coming through the rye’ about this netherworldly outfit, as though their songs had been caught accidentally on a CCTV camera placed at an ancient crossroads where singular modern wayfarers pass each other cautiously, each resentful of the other’s decision to tread such abandoned territory.  --Julian Cope / Head Heritage: July 2008Written and recorded at Hull St. in Baltimore, Maryland (February - June 2007).  "Farewell Song" written with J. Shunkwiler (who also played on the recording).