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 Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families (1 Albums, 13 Tracks)


LOCATION:Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia is home to the one-man-8bit-punk-band known as Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families, however, the lazy among the chip community affectionately refer to him as 10k. Recently 10k’s music has been continuing to gain traction in underground electronic and punk scenes in both Australia and abroad, thanks
to the considerable number of shows under his belt, including a recent trip to New Zealand’s Campus A Low Hum festival. Known for his aggressive live persona and screamed stand-up comedy stylings, 10k – armed with nothing more than one Nintendo Game Boy and a Microphone – delivers devastating blows of low-bit, low-brow, low-cost chipstyle punk music that people just seem to lap up. http://10kfreemen.com From:


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