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Tab was first introduced to music through a drumset. He learned at age five by following his teacher improv on the piano. These lessons would spark the approach he took towards music for years to come. Hip-hop would quickly become Tab’s genre of choice because of how the drums carried the songs. Groups like Wu-tang and The Roots developed his taste for the lyrical eastcoast style he tries to recreate to this day. Tab has played guitar and sang in a couple bands over the years and produced for other artists as well. Most recently he produced Roebus One's latest
album Reflections of Goodbye which is available on iTunes. Handling the production and doing shows with his group The Dead Poets sparked an underground buzz which continues to grow. His recent collaborations with Anitek have allowed him to experiment more and more with Hip-Hop and all other forms of music. Stay tuned to see how far they can push the envelope.


Tracks from compilations

07. Tab - Intermission A 00:00:56
08. Tab - Atrium 00:02:13
09. Tab - Robotnix 00:02:28
10. Tab - Ecco 00:03:14
11. Tab - RallyCaps 00:02:46
12. Tab - Intermission B 00:00:59
13. Tab - Dr Grant 00:03:01
14. Tab - PotLuck 00:02:15
15. Tab - Voyages 00:03:56