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Unhinged by Synflict

Album Description

Released:December 14th, 2017

Unhinged - a descriptive term for something no longer attached to hinges.
The offending object may have just crossed the border of what seems tolerable to the observer : no longer part of the familiar world - incomprehensible, unpredictable, confusing and repulsive.
From the perspective of its creator, the work may just arrived at its current state as a consequence of constant evolution. Obviously, there are contrasting views in regard to what genuinely deserves the "unhinged" label.

Unhinged - leaving behind restrictions that limit one's range of expressions.
Following through with one's conclusions without any worry about social acceptance. A minority of one.
Is the creation inseparable from its creator ?
Or does it represent an alter ego, an escape route from an all too restrictive reality ?
Does a folly appear the most threatening when it most closely resembles sanity ?
Blurring the distinction so that it no longer serves as a useful guide ?

Either we are on our own or we hide behind the safety of a crowd. At some point, however, we shall encounter resistance and become wearer of the "unhinged" badge ourselves.

( album available in lossless format )



01. Unhinged 1 (07:43)
02. Unhinged 2 (11:46)
03. Unhinged 3 (08:15)
04. Unhinged 4 (09:42)
05. Unhinged 5 (09:17)
06. Unhinged 6 (10:47)
07. Unhinged 7 (07:03)
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