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Host: R. Lim
Engineer: the Cosmic Cowboy
Recorded live at WFMU October 23, 2006 by the Cosmic Cowboy Pirako Kurenai: guitar, vocals Kageo: guitar, vocals Teru: drums "Suishou no Fune expand on the brooding, lysergic atmospherics of their Holy Mountain debut, while Ikuro Takahashi weaves a mesmerizing web of polyrhythms in a single drum performance that marks
his first return to the US since his late 90s appearance behind the traps for Fushitsusha." - R. Lim (2006) The Original broadcast also includes live sets from LSD March, Ikuru Takahashi and Masami Kawaguchi's New Rock Syndicate and can be streamed in RealAudio here. Playlist  



01. Suishou no Fune - part 1 00:22:52

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