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Outer Circular by Stewart & Scarfe

Album Description

Released:July 16th, 2013

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With “Outer Circular”, Lyndon Scarfe reworks selections from Liam Stewart’s solo body of work. A thoroughly enjoyable and inventive collection that easily stands on its own as a significant release in itself. Sequenced, phased, vocoded, synthed, reverbed, echoed… it’s now time for these Liam Stewart songs to also be rediscovered. Sit back, crank it and let the music wash over you.

Thanks again to Liam and Lyndon!

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Outer Circular
01. I Was Awake (05:05)
02. Ignored (08:03)
03. Soonest (05:30)
05. Not Afraid (05:29)
06. Prey (05:36)
07. Landlocked (08:18)
08. Overloaded (06:35)
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