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Uke Improv in C by Steve Combs

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VANITY FAIR is a split compilation album by instrumental artist Steve Combs and folk-punk duo The Pardos. Combs offers five acoustic songs from his oeuvre of over 200, and The Pardos, fresh off of the release of their first album, For the People, offer songs from that release, as well as earlier works. Despite their different styles, the artists' shared folk influences tie this album together thematically in a unique way.   Dear FMA users: This is a 10-track album, featuring five Steve Combs songs and five Pardos songs. Only two tracks are being uploaded to the FMA at this time,
due to the fact that The Pardos have not yet been accepted into the FMA, and because the other three Steve Combs songs are already available here, on Waking Up. To listen to the full album, go to Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or the Internet Archive by following the links on the right.



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