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Album Description

Here is probably more than enough music from an endigidi and percussion duo who performed in the exact same spot as Eridat Makwiri had two years earlier. This recording, also from August of 2017, featured an incredibly animated, definitely intoxicated local fiddler from the hills near Chiholo, a trading post
where he can be found busking for cash with his stoic, sober percussionist, Wakoi Anton. A teacher from the Arlington Academy of Hope, named Moses, found him and brought him to the school for me to hear and record. His playing is rudimentary, and he apparently freestyled about everything from the recent Kenyan election to poverty, to me, to I'm not sure what. Teachers and students gathered around him and laughed. At times, he leaned on my knee and sang so close to mic that he distorts. I'm delighted to share this long, rambling performance from a street player deep in what is probably Uganda's most impoverished district here.