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Spitball is and always will be DJ PRZM aka Christopher Sheffield. The rawest, grimiest, evil cartoon circus head bang hip hop on the planet that you’ve never heard, and that makes you an idiot. Spitball tracks to me will always be produced by PRZM, and featuring 3 main MCs, PRZM himself, Eclypse DaPredanatural, and Bruce “Bru Lei” Burnett. After this, there is a host of other Columbus, Ohio based MCs and DJs that make up the solar system of the Spitball Krew, among them Keef “Metro” Lawson, DJ Pos2, Illogic, Jakki the Motamouth, Copywrite, Camu Tao, Dro, Andrew Bagadonuts, and
more. Before PRZM passed away in Sacramento a few years back from a heart condition, he called me many times from the hospital and asked that I make his music available to the public in any way that I could. I began by releasing an EP of Coolzey tracks produced by him called Coolzey vs Przm. Then I put out an EP of tracks he had produced for Bru Lei that we titled Shroom Crumbs. I would love in the future to put some of Przm’s more cohesive albums and tracks out on vinyl. In the meantime, I have asked the surviving members of Spitball’s permission to make available a good amount of the unheard catalogue here on psrecords and through the FMA. If I were you, I would be stoked. This is a quote I found online from DJ Pos2, who was part of Spitball: “Spitball was basically everybody in Columbus who was dope. that’s how it started out. everybody would come over to przms house and just kick it…then start recording shit to pass time. so it was nothing to come over and see camu, copy, jakki, blueprint, iilogic, and the masses of talented mc’s in columbus over there just kicking it. then as everybody did their own thing and we moved away from the campus area, it trickled down to bru lei, eclypse, przm… then me and dj bombay dj’d the shows.”