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Bekennerschreiben by Spheriot

Album Description

Released:October 8th, 2008

Alright then - another album.
Still my mostly self servicing homebrewed - or if you prefer -grown - Spheriot soup, stirred by a planless cook who hasn't yet achieved expertise as a producer and is still lacking a cookbook for a predictable style - or maybe just ignores it.

Here we are: Neither young nor innocent or idealistically transfigured any more. The right time for a "Bekennerschreiben" (claim of responsibility), to see what a variety of tastes a single ingredient like myself can provide a selfdestructive cannibal with.

Actually, I vaguely planned to do something more straight forward in one genre and have more singalong suitable lyrics. But sticking to the single principle of only doing what I want (against all good advice), it turned out to be a style mix quite similar to my first album Livingroom orbits.

I guess, this time I dived even a bit deeper into my personal variety of styles. In the end I allowed myself to accept them as what they are, without trying to match everything into my idea of a concept. So if it sounds like Krautrock-Techno, damned hard rock or a gay songwriter all mashed up in one indie pop stew, then this is just what I am.

Taste for yourself!

And if you think you can handle some even more uncontrollably evolving musical anarchy, check Zloty Dawai, a totally improvised noise project I'm part of. Also available here or here.


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04. The Getalong (03:25)
05. Blind Ride (03:49)
06. Amok Dilemma (02:56)
08. Naughtic Dub (03:28)
09. Witz ohne Worte (04:27)
11. The things I do (05:25)
12. Maitri (05:40)
13. Endspurt (04:10)
14. Takeaway Landing (03:52)
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