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People Are Alike All Over by Space Monkey Death Sequence

Album Description

Space Monkey Death Sequence
Released:August 7th, 2015
Producer: Dominic Francisco
On a cozy summer night, twelve-year-old me decided it was best to fight sleep and watch one more episode of something on TV. Upon channel surfing, I stumbled upon the opening sequence of a beloved show of mine: The Twilight Zone.
Not asleep but not quite awake, my mind played host to “People Are Alike All Over”. A short, sinister journey to Mars played odyssey in my adolescent mind. As corny as it sounds, I really felt like I was in “The Twilight Zone”.
The parallels of the story felt present in my daily life, as I actively observed them after this episode. The endgame of the piece was not lost on me.
Ten years later, I went on a Twilight Zone binge after not having seen an episode in a few years. Naturally, one of the first episodes I re-watched was “People Are Alike All Over”. I went into it expecting to be mystified, as I was when I was younger. I anticipated that magic. However, the episode didn’t quite feel the same. Maybe it was the prose-less writing or perhaps the acting; it could have also been because I already knew the twist ending. This time, instead of blowing my mind, the episode made me chuckle.
Much to my surprise, over the next few weeks the episode stuck with me as it did when I was a kid. It still had the same effect albeit in a much more lighthearted tone. I didn’t want to let that old feeling die though. I didn’t want to forget how I had felt the first time I watched it. So, I knew I had to make this album.
When I started this project shortly after that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it: tell the story of “People Are Alike All Over”, but through the lens of my first my twelve-year-old self. I wanted to capture the feeling of that summer night with this album, and I believe I have succeeded in doing that.
This is how I experienced “People Are Alike All Over” ten years ago. This is what stuck with me. This shifted my perspective.
Released August 7th, 2015
Produced, arranged, mixed, and mastered by Dominic Francisco
Produced in Berkeley, California and Oberlin, Ohio
A Perpetual Motion Studios production
Samples taken from Twilight Zone Season 1 Episode 25: "People Are Alike All Over"
Samples from Looperman


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People Are Alike All Over
01. Welcome (00:55)
02. Leave (03:16)
03. Funeral, Pt. I (03:12)
04. No Brain (02:59)
06. Diaphragm (02:22)
07. Lost/Found (03:41)
08. Familiar Faces (02:17)
10. All Brawn (04:21)
11. The Tapestries (02:16)
12. Funeral, Pt. II (01:26)
13. The Trap Door (03:43)
14. Alike After All (02:27)
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PKort on 08/26/16 at 05:38PM
Dominic shared me this album so that I could have a listen and comment it.
So here it is. In his message he described something coming from old movies, experimental thing and I should admit he is right!
The overall album is pretty solid and works as a really piece of music, everything is well spot on and all ambiance seem to come from the same musician, from the same room. Really coherent! Not too long, not too short, very well controlled!
The journey could looks like a psychedelic trip (!) in the really '60 idea!

On the other hand, the heavy usage of special effects (mainly vibrato) that often could bring you some headaches!

Really good job!!!
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