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Night At The Corner of Cambria Street & Richmond Street by Sounds of the Early 21st Century

Album Description

Do you find yourself camping in the wilderness and requiring a respite from the incessant chirping of birds and insects? Vacationing on a remote tropical beach and wishing you had the aural comforts of urban environments at the ready? Yearning for the open road yet unable to find time to
get away? This recording is the perfect solution for those seeking the appeasing sounds of late-night interstate travel. Recorded at the intersection of Richmond and Cambria Streets in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, this location is an ideal combination of complex roadway noise factors, including engines, tires, aerodynamics, brakes, and extemporaneous audio elements. The collective sound energy emanating from automobiles results in an extraordinary amount of environmental noise exposure, saturating the collective consciousness and resulting in an inadvertent nighttime auto-orchestrated lullaby for many city dwellers. The pacifying effects of high-speed road transportation are well documented, and its benefits are now available to listeners lacking a personal vehicle or proximity to a major roadway. Without prior knowledge of the subject and locale, one might easily mistake the beginning sounds of this recording as the roar of ocean waves crashing on a beach. This is particularly fitting considering the sounds may in fact serve as the metropolitan equivalent of ocean waves, ideal for drifting to sleep or soothing one’s nerves. Sit back, close your eyes, and let the expertly-documented sounds transport you to an endless highway of serenity.



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