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Excellenti by Small Radio

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Le Migre 2 by Small Radio is as a sequel of an extended story which has started in 2009 as Le Migre EP (1). Or earlier as two Scotsmen got seperated due to some unknown circumstances; kept connected in a virtual and musical manner without wearing kilt or something like
that but pushing the traditional Electronica from the Low Lands to the next level which the world hasn’t streamed before.   There are four tracks on Le Migre 2 EP (LM2) that are equivalent to the amount and spectrum found on an entire album. A compact story and journey of it’s own. Because LM2 is dense and light-weighted at the same time. It’s preciously stuffed with those lush beats hailing from Glasgow’s classic electronic squads jamming on that famous school night with Melody and her Merry Pranksters.   LM2 by Small Radio gathers  IDM, chip-tune,  phasic guitars and the many voices from a dictaphone’s dream. That’s right DUDE, say Mini-Mini! LM2 is the supreme chord of all it’s ancestors.



02. Small Radio - Excellenti 00:05:42

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