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LSF Remixes by Small Radio

Album Description

Released:December 31st, 2011

7TH Gear, Adrian Carter, Anclove, Clutter, Coco Bryce, Cube2The3RD, Forrest James, Lofiuser, MCM, Noise Research and Pandacetamol dissambled smallRadio‘s track Leaf Shaped Feelings – which appeared on Le Migre 2 EP in october 2010 – and constructed each a new sonic puzzle of dictaphonic dreams, multiphasic melodies and broken beats.


Each remix track on Leaf Shaped Feelings (LSF) Remixes contains an individual answer to smallRadio’s original track and narrates a side show story from Le Migre 2. LSF Remixes covers Acid, IDM, 8-bit, Downtempo, Experimental, Broken Beats, Dub and Psychotronic! 


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