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NO (Midi Version) by Skeletons

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This is the "MIDI VERSION" of the song "No" from the album "PEOPLE" by Skeletons.  This was made (mistakes and all!) by playing midi drums, a keyboard, and a midi guitar live, then using "SOFT-SYNTH" presets to create a "version". We then edited the original vocals from the "PEOPLE" album
to fit this new "version".  We used the presets: "Hip Hop Heavy Kit", "Square Pad", "Subsonic Bass", "Wurlitzer 200A", "God Bless", and "High Strings" from Logic Pro - for this particular "version".  Download the "NO (Midi Version)" album and get the midi file and vocal track - and make your own "version"! Have the drum part played by an OBOE or the keyboard part played by "Nature Sounds". Use the "Vocal Transformer" to make Matt's vocals into a woman's voice. Or scrap the vocal tracks and record your own (lyrics below). Or screw the whole thing up and make a new piece of avant-garde "MIDI MUSIC". Or scrap the midi and make a new backing track. It's in YOUR hands.  Import or drag the midi file and vocal track together into a session - it should be compatible with all midi/audio capable software programs (Logic, Garageband, Pro-Tools, Ableton, etc!). The midi file will split into 6 different midi tracks as follows:  1. DRUMS 2. Keyboard part 3. Bass 4. Keyboard part (doubled - GET LAYERED!) 5. Midi Guitar part 6. Midi Guitar part (doubled)  Rather than make it easy on you - we recorded the midi without a click (who wants to be stuck to a grid!)! SO the bpm should be set to 120 (typically the default) for the midi and audio to sync properly.The song itself is in 13/8, and is not at 120bpm. Herein lies a challenge…  Have fun and share your "versions" with us! Email - skeletons @ and send us a link! We'll post them here and re-post and re-post and re-post!  -SKELETONS, INC.  I'M LEARNING HOW TO SAY NO BEEN PRACTICING WAYS TO SAY IT DELIBERATE AND SLOW I'M LEARNING HOW TO QUIET MY MIND ALL I NEED IS A LITTLE BIT OF TIME  I WAS ALWAYS OUT WAITING FOR THE SUN TO RISE TO MANY LINES TO STAND IN SO MANY PLANS DEMANDING I DON'T CARE IF YOU CAN DIE A MILLION TIMES I'D JUST RATHER NOT BE THE ONE TO TRY  NEXT TIME YOU NEED ME I WON'T BE AROUND I'LL BE HIDING NOT MAKING A SOUND I WON'T CARE IF THE WORK DON'T GET DONE I WON'T CARE IF ALL OPPORTUNITY'S GONE  I'M LEARNING HOW TO SAY NO creditsreleased 19 November 2011 Matthew Mehlan - Keyboard, Vocals Jason McMahon - Midi Guitar Jonathan Leland - Midi Drums



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