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Codex Teuthis by Sileni

Album Description



The Wire once described Edinburgh as the “perfect hip-hop city” and since then, Edinburgh hip-hop has reached lime-lit heights – with Stanley Odd touring the nation and Young Fathers winning the Mercury Prize – but they were referring to the experimental and crepuscular experimental rap scene that was then blossoming then, more evocative of Edinburgh’s culturesmash of Gothic cobbles and technological advances than cocktail fuelled party-rap. 

It has been five years since SILENI released their debut album, Riders On The Conquering Worm, a monstrous epic with few concessions to conveniences like track demarcations and genre. Too weird for the hip-hop heads, too “banging” for the avant-garde, it confused many, but those who “got” it, LOVED it. In many ways, the long-awaited follow-up Codex Teuthis is more accessible and the closest SILENI will come to making “straight hip-hop.” 

Comprising of HQ (Church Of When The Sh*t Hits The Fan) and GungWho (Tri/ofon, EdImpro), SILENI are firmly based in the sensibilities of underground rap and the Dadaist playfulness of experimental music - but discarding the crassness of the former and the beard stroking introspection of the latter. This is true fire music; high-octane burlesques; doomcrunk. Equal parts cLOUDDEAD and Fantomas. 

In many ways, SILENI’s liberal harvesting of disparate genres to serve their maniacal concoctions harks back to the original spirit of hip-hop. It’s samples, loops and raps, but unlike anything you’ve heard before. 

"Revel in the digital glitches and distorted blastbeats... like Sunn0))) as mixed by MF Doom...suffice to say, this will melt your face." 
- The Skinny




Codex Teuthis

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CodesAndNotes on 12/22/14 at 10:07AM
Wow. WOW!
The first track of this album instantaneously goes into my faves list for being unapologetically original and in-your-face.
Then you reach the second track, where hip-hop goes totally senses-driven and free-form, and by then you understand that Sileni are not going to go easy on you. Or on anybody else. Hell yeah, last time I heard something as free was... Coldcut's "Play"?
By the third tune you either love it or hate it, but that's okay. You'll be marked.
This is the most concession-less, purest prose expression I've heard in ages.
And by the way, if Cthulhu was a rapper, this could be his deeds.
Get this album now before it is devoured by the deity!
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