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LOCATION:Subotica, Serbia
ACTIVE:1991 - 2001
  • Zvonko Saric – vocals
  • Aleksandar Petrovic Mechka – guitar
  • Borsos Augustin Gustav JR – bass
  • Oliver Tomic – drums
  • Igor Pribić Pirba - rattles, tambourine
  • Milka Stupar - backing vocals
  • Dr. Fuzz as special guest
  • Pletl Zoltan & Tunde Varga
Sherbet Underground were founded on the New Year’s Eve of 1991. The band was founded by Antal Geza and Aleksandar Petrovic Mechka. The duo initially tried to play in the line-up of just vocal and guitar, with computer-programmed drum & bass matrix. On their first concert, in April of 1992,
few other musicians joined them – Takacs Tibor Faki on clarinet, Dejan Cemerlic Cemerla on trumpet and Zvonko Saric, a guest who spoke his poetry... The band held a dozen concerts, with occasional guest appearance of Dr.Fuzz's whatthe guitar -- the hand-made effects of "dubing" sound. Due to technical inability to perform normal concerts in times of monetary inflation, the band produced self-proclaimed "sound engineers" who, in their arrogance, stupidity and ignorance, failed to solve the “enigma", so Geza and Mechka finally decided to introduce "live" rhythm section… Thus, at the end of October of 1992, with the Faki's departure from Lajko Felix orchestra, the setup was completed: Geza Antal & Zvonko Saric -- vocals, Aleksandar Petrovic Mechka – guitar, Borsos Augustin Gustav JR – bass, Velibor Krstic Velja – drums, Dejan Cemerlic Cemerla – trumpet. Then there was already crystallized idea, which intuitively started from the very beginning, of the group which, in addition to playing music, offered a complete audio-visual event, authentic expression, ludism, spontaneity, improvisation, provocation, poetry, prose, strip, changing context of space, installation, para-theater, cabaret & gallery of distinctive characters who appeared on every "event". From this period there was a concert recording which was published in the Dr. Fuzz's "VKS (The Bull who listens) production" which, unfortunately, was not saved. That autumn Geza went into exile, Gustav JR. went to the army and was raplaced by Pedja Gabric who, a week after the concert, at the end of February '94, committed suicide. During that spring, Igor Pribić Pirba joined the band on rattles & tambourine, as well as Milka Stupar, a waitress at "Gustav" – the legendary punk/ cult bar, as a backing vocalist. During summer Velja drop out of the group because of his extensive obligations in theater. Cemerla also went out due to his obligations at the University as well as playing with Mezei Szilard orchestra. Oliver Tomić came to a group, so the team for the first studio album, recorded in October of 1994, was: Zvonko Saric – vocals, Aleksandar Petrovic Mechka – guitar, Borsos Augustin Gustav JR – bass, Oliver Tomic – drums, Igor Pribić Pirba -- rattles, tambourine, Milka Stupar -- backing vocals, and Dr. Fuzz as special guest, as well as the actor Pletl Zoltan, who later continued to perform with the band and, together with artist Tunde Varga, took care of band's visual identity. Album "Sherbet Undergound (Cucumber)" came out in late February of 1995 for the Belgrade label "Metropolis". Metropolis did radio, television and concert promotion … In early May of 1995 actor & director Peter Ferenc hired the band to compose music for his play "Mara/ Sad." After that, band began intensive cooperation with Ferenc & group of actors produced by K.P.G.T. which will last for two years. Since it was physical, brutal, dance, musical theater, stage replaced the scene and the scene replaced the stage. Totally rock n'roll and totally Theatre. At the end of August of 1995 a premiere of "King John” was held. Band was between Subotica and Belgrade. They played two or three shows per week, as well doing various activities, performances and provocations... In Novembar of 1995, provoked by euphoria of dance/ techno/ rave, band entered the studio and recorded their response to it. Dr.Fuzz produced the record and played guitar & bass in one song. Because of the extreme/ vassal relationship of record labels to bands at that time, Sherbet Underground decideded to go on their own/ copyright release. In early 1996 Sherbet Underground released second album "Balkan recycling". In February of the the same year, band began to work on high profile production of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. Meanwhile, Zvonko Saric had to leave the band because of a quarrel with other members. Devoted to, exclusively, writing. Zoran Jager Jagger joined the group. In March of that year band went on tour with "Seagull...", and, in some forty days played thirty-six shows. At the end of Jun of 1996 came the premiere of "Othello", and in September, for the Bitef Festival "Medea" came out. Milka Stupar moved to Canada. In January of 1997 the band was back in the studio, starting to work on a new album, which will stretch up to December of the same year. In early 1998 album was finally ready for release, published as own/ copyright release and titled: "John Travolta & the Red Bandit on the night of full moon". Album was recorded by Aleksandar Petrovic Mechka on guitars, Borsos Augustin – Gustav JR on bass, Oliver Tomic on drums, Zoran Jager Jagger on synthesizer, Igor Pribić Pirba on rattles & tambourine with guests: Lajko Felix on violin, Takacs Tibor Faki on jar & tarabuka. Sang & spoke: Peter Ferenc, Pletl Zoltan, Ana Kostovska, Andrija Kovac, Zoran Rankov, Johnny Rackovic. During the spring SU worked on the promotion. After one though night out, things turned lunatic in all possible ways, various accidents occurred and band dissolved and disappeared... The team split up, each with their direction, seeking new music, lifestyle, business, family, stage roles... Briefly, in 2001, for the purpose of composing music for the play “Picnic at the Battlefield”, directed by Urban Andras, Sherbet Underground in a line up of: Aleksandar Petrovic Mechka – guitar/ bass, Takacs Tibor Faki – clarinet/ flute/ Jew’s harp/ jar, Toth Ervin – programming, produced an self-titled album... From 2009. Croatian record label “Listen Loudest” is reissuing all four SU albums.