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Shake That Little Foot by Shake That Little Foot

Album Description

Released:May 30th, 1993
Producer: Mike Cooper

This mostly instrumental album was recorded in Liverpool, England in 1993 by a group who had yet to adopt a name. Eventually, they became Shake That Little Foot. After getting their original tracks from the recording engineer, Mike Cooper, they released this album online.

The band notes that "Sally Ann" is a composite arrangement of three different traditional versions of this tune: a frailing banjo tune (the intro), a fiddle tune (the instrumental break), and a song. Guitarist Chris Erswell also notes:

"Don't miss the comic 'Flopped-Eared Mule'. There is also a rollicking rendition of 'Bill Cheathum' which will be sure to get your feet a-dancing. Oh, and there is a banjo version of 'Scotland the Brave' to a back beat like you've never heared it before."

Painting on the cover is "The Dancing Couple" (1663) by Jan Steen housed in the National Gallery of Art (US)



Shake That Little Foot
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werner-l on 07/21/09 at 10:27AM
I listened to this music while lying in the meadow stocking up some sunshine. Thank you for the relaxing songs!
Nuala on 03/20/14 at 12:02PM
Great album! Congrats and thanks for sharing it.
I am making a book trailer for my new novel (set in Scotland). It will be up on YouTube. Could I use your 'Scotland the Brave' as the background track? (My publisher doesn't do this end of the promo, so I do it myself.) I'm not sure if your licensing agreement covers this.
Nuala Ní Chonchúir
Judomark on 04/13/15 at 01:28AM
Hi Great tunes!
I am looking for a short piece of music I can use on a video of children at our judo club playing some frantic team games. The club is a registered charity but I will happily donate if someone can explain how I download this album? I hit the download button but nothing seems to happen.
Am I missing something?


Scottiedawg_2 on 02/11/18 at 04:13PM
I am trying to obtain a license to use a couple of your songs on a documentary project that I am building. How do I obtain a license so that I may use the songs correctly and with proper attribution and legal stuff? Please advise.
The song titles are Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine and Flop Eared Mule

Scott Englund
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