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2161866618216 by Scott Lawlor

Album Description

Released:March 20th, 2014

When Scott submitted this album for consideration, I agreed to release it on the basis of the music and the concept (I'm a sucker for concept albums).

It is easily the most (and probably only) overtly-political album on our netlabel and while I personally do not agree with his political views, I respect his freedom to voice them. I consider this an "ambient protest" album (and there aren't too many of those around) - the perfect background listening for tax filing.

To learn more about Scott and his projects, visit his blog or listen to his ambient show on stillstream.

From Scott:

"The title of this work reflects a faceless presence, a universality that is being implemented in the future of healthcare which the concept is a rejection of by the very dark nature of the music and it's mood.

The fact that we are becoming nothing more than statistical data and account numbers... Our individuality growing more obsolete with each passing year is presented as a fundamental change to the human condition in some cases where we are simply nothing more than numerical constructs to the government and major corporations who are taking over our lives more and more each day.

Though the concept in this recording is just demonstrated in one area, it is still a universal outcry of the people of a nation whose government is doing more than simply overseeing the individuals they are supposed to represent.

The ever-growing body of officials are not satisfied with merely leading, they want to control every aspect of every individual life and create a "we" and do away with the "I".

This then, is my personal protest against the radical elimination of personal freedom and dignity for each individual and it is my hope, that after hearing this music, you, the listener, if you've felt a sense of your personal freedom lost in whatever aspect of your life is important, that you will be able to take small steps, which can lead to giant leaps to regain that which has been eroded over the years by governing bodies who believe that we are not individuals, but simply parts of a giant collective.

My most heartfelt thanks goes out to my good friend Shannah Kueffler who was of invaluable assistance in answering all my medical questions as well as making sure that all effects were as true to nature as they could be for the project. I would also like to give thanks to Rebekkah Hilgraves for providing an outstanding reading of the monologue on the introductory track.

I also owe a great deal of thanks to the freesound project and the people who uploaded sounds I used in the recording: knarmahfox (1), NoiseCollector (3), sindhu.tms (3, 4, 5), ondrosik (4), guitarguy1985 (5), StaryTlustyKocour (6), 11linda (6) and Corsica_S (7)."



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