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Sound Check (Extended) by Schemawound

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"They want to make your body move. I want to hold you perfectly still." is an exploration of small events magnified.      REVIEWS:  "It’s an album that beckons intense and continuous concentration, with the listener forever clutching at the sound object that convulses and changes within their hands." -ATTN:Magazine    “…The whole
experience plays trick with your mind as time, perception and intonation morph into something new and frightening.” - Sethmol Productions    "’s super dark, super glitch(y) and super weird but all in a GOOD way" - The Sirens Sound Credits released 21 August 2012  All sound and visuals by J.Siemasko  All sound generated using Supercollider  Track 1 uses includes some code written by Carl Testa  Original mix of track 2 appears on SIGNALVOID  Original mixes of tracks 3, 6 and 10 appear on Se7en Seconds In Hea7en 



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