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Descend into hell 2 by Salakapakka Sound System

Album Description

Producer: Marko-V
Engineer: Marko-V
Few words about La musique. First of all it is - as name suggests - concrete music, no instruments. All music is from pre-recorded sources. Album contains religious theme. Is it pro-, anti religious or neither? It is listeners job to make conclusions. La musique´s style ranges from dark ambient to drone and noise.Tracks 1 and 3 contain a lot of church acoustics, choir loops, organ sounds, noises etc. Track 2 features church bells, orthodox chanting and electronic noises. Track 4 features only sounds from Finnish christian radio sermons, all words have been edited out leaving only breath-ins and -outs,
room acoustics etc. Last two tracks are built on construction site sounds spiced with interference noises and field recording snippets from various sources. Last track is a massive 30-minute journey into sound, certainly not suitable for people who want their music/noise as fast-food-like short sharp blasts



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Descend into hell 2 by Salakapakka Sound System is licensed under a Attribution 1.0 Finland License.