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Living Really by S.J. Mellia

Album Description


Conspiring Ravens Murderous Crows Clothing (CRMC)

Alternative street wear; Disseminating culture.

Conspiring Ravens Murderous Crows (CRMC) Clothing isn’t only about alternative street apparel, it is a project to develop a family of artistic expression.

Using the group names for the birds - conspiracy of ravens and murder of crows – the CRMC aim is to function as a collective organisation. We wish to bring Edinburgh's many scenes together and enhance Scotland’s place on the map for its creative work and talent.

It is our manifesto to reclaim by design those symbols and knowledge that have long been associated with the esoteric and dark minded. Exploring the history of symbology and opening eyes to the true meanings of ancient imagery. Many of our designs bare layers and multiple meanings for those looking to read between the lines. We are also a very diverse company and enjoy designing light hearted images to complement and contrast the more indepth work we produce.

Our garments are strictly limited edition of numbers ranging from 30 to 50; once the line is sold out it will be discontinued. The 2013 prints are all on high quality alternative style clothing with unique CRMC labelling tags inside and out.

We at CRMC are open to all and our wing span stretches across all boundaries.

So here we present SJ Mellia – Neglected the CRMC EP a collaboration between Edinburgh based producer SJ Mellia and CRMC clothing. 

Pushing boundaries in all directions!!!

Follow us @

Instagram @CRMC_Clothing 



06. Living Really (04:01)

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