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A02 by Running Point

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Struck photo-images cut Breaking time-scene Interiorizing old-breathing presence Fulfilling the free doing Desire total chance of now Compose inside then through Forward in weaving thorn movement Snakes wrapping around and curling And darting Never straight Letting the past sharpen Imagination’s new cave etching Old scream-blues Bleeding railroad tracks Bottle-necking here-dusk
Strobed unison showing Melodic undercurrents travel-fast Falls dropping on falls dropping Wave-notes lining up and hovering For almost-all heavy-weight seconds Overtones like the steel Ringing out in bright near-banjo basements With mines in work-days darkly The walk-done tome frees the real-spirit bright Struck photo-memory cut Breaking time-scene "Comprising nine semi-improvised tracks (several have overdubs), Kevin plays with little to no emphasis on the chords, fingerpicking wave after wave of notes, sometimes seemingly managing to spew every note in the entire key all at once. The notes remain almost uniformly pointillistic, and yet somehow avoid falling into any uniform rhythm. Similarly, the guitar's volume is in constant flux, presumably as Cahill wiggles a volume pedal throughout, giving the instrument an elusive, intimate, and ghostlike near-absence. Moments of twangy Americana akin to the recent Gold album from Earth's Dylan Carlson, or indeed that album's ancestral Dead Man soundtrack by Neil Young occasionally enter to foreground - but only for brief moments, like whispered long-distant memories. For what seems like mere guitar noodling, Running Points' restless, intimate improvisations linger in the mind far longer than they really should." -The Quietus



02. Running Point - A02 00:09:29

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