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Prose by Running Point

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Written/improvised/performed by Kevin Cahill. Recorded at home in late October and early November of 2013, in the Zen Killa Flat, Toronto. Final mixes and mastering completed by James Toth in Toronto. "Pulled from behind doors – the belted box and the two-piece system of loud sound. One of two channels gives the wink, the other sleeps. The guitar case slides out from under the bed, while a spiderweb of lights and lines straighten, cabling underneath. The amp buzzes, the chair creaks, the notes get mixed up. My interface stares me down, my headphones trick the foreground, my rhythm unravels and
spools on the floor. I look at my fingers and ask for clarity – they wander away and come back, familiar and new, automatic, childish. Eventually the red glow flashes in reverse. I’ve finished some solo guitar recordings, done fairly free hand and with minimal structure. Can you lend your ears? I appreciate the listening, sincerely." -Kevin Cahill, aka Running Point "Gentle hands cup the effusive ambience that falls from the slowly expanding sidereal quilt above. Our ears and eyes stay glued to that brilliant singularity from which all reserve, calm, and resonance bursts, overpowering the disempowered remembrancers. At the sound of memory, we dance like children around pyres of fireflies and fireworks, our gleeful exclamations subsumed by the ever-widening skies that, as the children themselves do, grow in situ: aging as we do; while we do; as we do. These songs unfold like sweeping sonic narratives, denouements within reach, but eternally elusive." -Weird Canada



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