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Rominger: Music for Camping

Album Description

Music for Camping

Album Tracks

03. Nice summer (03:49)
04. Fogalera (02:42)
05. Gin (05:48)
06. Manga (05:56)

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Lou Ziegler on 08/16/2009 at 10:02PM

It's really great to see more and more amazing net labels hooking up with FMA to get the word out.  The Spanish net label Miga recently uploaded some very good releases from a number of their artists.  Miga is not just interested in music but also various forms of visual media as well as the combination of the two.

Out of the four releases on FMA right now, Music for Camping by Rominger (Perdi, Yeray and Leo) is my hands down favorite.  Playful, quirky, experimental electronic pop music is the best way to describe their music.  Check out the title track from this release as well as some of the other releases on Miga by artists such as Oto, Betelgeuse and Burdeos.

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