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A Young Man by Rocco Granata

Album Description


"Works" is a musical project and an art installation.

The tracks are based on a conversation between a piano and a cello. These two instruments are the core of the musical structure of “Works”. From this core, the conversation is enriched by drum machines (Arise), sample loops (Lost Memories), tribal choirs (Haka), groove dubstep (Earth), synths and effects (A Young Man, Cry Of Love), strings (Life, Undead, Without You). Lullaby is the only track of the album that I wrote for a soprano, guitar, flute and choir. It is structured as a sacred aria, but the lack of any kind of religious lyrics and the use of the voice just as another instrument gives it a secular feeling in its interpretation.

Works is distributed for free and in two ways: social and antisocial. With the social distribution you can download the entire album for free. With the antisocial distribution, the album is handed out through an art installation called 300 cds around the world .

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Cd was taken to the Museo Macro in Rome on the occasion of Urban KING Action Figure. It's probably the first Cd to be exposed in a Museum of contemporary art.

Credits: Thomas Munz: piano / Lita Rodcenko: cello / Rocco Granata: bass, synth, orchestrator. All music written by Rocco Granata. Artwork: Maria McGinley, “Autumn’s Child”.

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06. A Young Man (03:42)

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