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Amiga on the Left by Richard Jonas

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checksum errors
checksum errors
During my last attempts at recovering old work made on the Amiga in protracker, unfortunately I run into a lot of faulty disks. Besides an ancient virus affecting boot blocks (Sadam-virus :-)), disks were filled with so called check-sum errors thus inaccessible. Magnetic deterioration is a real thing apparently with
these double density disks. Sometimes, after multiple tries, a directory would finally list the content, but only one of the modules would load with the samples all corrupted. All glitched out because only a very short portion of the sound survived with the loop-points intact resulting in bleeps and what not. I recorded these glitches as I thought some were pretty cool sounding. Accidentally loading a sample as module also resulted in interesting patterns of noisiness, protracker imposing the expected module format to the sample data. Results which prompted me to experiment & record more mismatches. Through recording all these sounds the idea emerged to use them as base material for transformations in new work. Coming full circle in a way, using sounds from the program and computer where my love for making music all started. Although the idea was marinating for a while, a project announced on the Watmm forum was the catalyst to set the creativity in motion. One month to make an ep, with a max total length of 15 minutes, for compilation in a massive bandcamp release with proceeds going to Doctors without borders. Check out the resulting project1EP compilation (with better mastering!) here; On this page you'll find the same work made solely from the Amiga glitches, sounds transformed using CDP & arranged in Renoise, but with a few bonuses. Enjoy & donate on the project1 bandcamp page if you like what you hear!



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