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Rich Sudney is a electronic music producer and sound designer from Detroit. Releasing his work on the web since 2005, major netlabels took notice of his unique sound by releasing many EP's under two different monikers Monopole and Telegraphy. Then in 2010 he curated his own solo artist microlabel
Metal-Oxide-Malfunction and then Ionosonde Recordings in 2011. Presently he contributes material to Diacoustic-Forest his current online project. Musical influences are on a level of A.D.D. for Rich Sudney, anything from dub techno to drone - orchestral to opera - experimental to expressionist, Rich's musical attributes varies as much as any record store. Described as an eccentric artist with a backwards style of production using out of date and home built equipment, Rich Sudney produces up-lifting vibrant sounds that are far echos of the distant past. Relying heavily on old analog synthesizers and hardware effect processors, his unique style of producing lush melodic deeply dubbed tracks has a quality of being organic - as if it's alive in your ear.


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