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Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower. On a mission to create a euphoric communal experience, Rich Aucoin writes music with emphasis on the feelings and happiness that it creates. With his second recording effort, Public Publication, Aucoin has created an anthemic pop record where the barriers
between audience and performers are dropped and the group as a whole performs this lush, orchestral, electro pop music. The end result is sweat drenched party full of group singing, playing and dancing. Crowd karaoke meets an 8 year old’s ideal birthday party, the bars and venues where the shows take place are transformed into a magical event with Aucoin’s ever evolving sound and light show with balloons, streamers and more confetti than the bars hoped he’d bring to help celebrate the occasion.The group huddles around a massive projection that Aucoin broadcasts of the films that Aucoin writes his music to. A over stimuli of collage is seen as a myriad of film clips from the public domain are shown, woven together into a new narrative about following dreams and overcoming addiction to find happiness in community. The film syncs with the music the group performs together in the same way that Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon syncs with The Wizard of Oz. Aucoin is familiar with this type of syncing as he wrote and recorded his first record on his own, performing more than 25 instruments on it and writing it to sync to the 1966 classic, Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Like the spirit of the film, the record, Personal Publication EP, is about discovering love and giving.With this spirit, Aucoin traveled across Canada on a bicycle and performed his show while raising money for kids with cancer; cutting off a chunk of his hair during each performance. After the tour and coverage from MTV and USA Today, Aucoin returned home to find two letters: congrats from Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and a not as warm letter from the estate of Dr. Seuss receiving a letter of cease & desist. Ironically, Aucoin got hit on his bicycle by a mysterious black car with black tinted windows and got paid off a grand in cash by another equally mysterious black car with black tinted windows to not report the accident. Taking this money, Aucoin started to record his next album that would involve recording from coast to coast and recording more than 500 musicians before its completion. Along the way, Aucoin would keep up the charity aspect of his music, running a series of half-marathons for stroke research while touring on the road and recording this album with some amazing producers and studios across the country: Andrew Watt (Common Ground), Howard Bilerman (Hotel 2 Tango), Paul Aucoin (Halla), Jace Lasek (Break Glass), Dave Ewenson (Echo Chamber) and with his mixing partner, Joel Waddell in back in their home base of Halifax, Nova Scotia where Aucoin has grown up and graduated from university as an honours philosophy and experimental music student. Now, with the party fine-tuned after two years of touring experience, Aucoin is set to bring those good vibrations to the road again. Aucoin has played more than 200 shows across the country and has played at a number of the country’s more prominent festivals including: NXNE, Pop Montreal, CMW, TIFF, Sled Island, Halifax Pop Explosion, Over The Top!, AFF, Evolve, Atlantic International Jazz Festival, Antenne-A Festival, and  The Victoria International Jazz Festival as well as sharing the stage with: Dan Deacon, Girl Talk, Deerhoof, The Weakerthans, The Golden Dogs, Holy Fuck, The Constantines, Dirty Projector’s talented Nat Baldwin and Spiral Stairs. Here's a trailer for the new record: The live show is a high energy, crowd karaoke dance party with coordinated visuals and lights. Here's a couple one-minute videos of what a show is like: