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Double the Daily Dose by Revolution Void

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cover art by Shawn Wolfe
cover art by Shawn Wolfe
cover art by Shawn Wolfe
cover art by Shawn Wolfe
Excerpt of review from Milieu: Revolution Void is a project by producer and jazz pianist Jonah Dempcy, mixing jazz and breakbeat. You may remember acclaimed musicians who decided to produce drum and bass, and it turning out as complete garbage: nothing there for jazz fans, nothing there for drum and bass fans. Increase the Dosage, however, combines breakbeat and melodic electronica in a charming way that makes for something not only worth listening to, but also something you’ll keep coming back to for years to come. With bass by Matthew Garrison, sax by Seamus Blake and Darryl Estes, and guitars
by Nicolas Manel, there’s a lot of serious musicians contributing some excellent material to the album. This, and careful production, makes Increase the Dosage an exceptional package. Performers: Seamus Blake - Sax on 1 & 2Matthew Garrison - 5-string bass on 2 & 4 Darryl Estes - Sax on 3, 6 & 10Steven Burke - Drum loops on 10, brushes on 6 Dave Hill, Jr. - Drum loop source material on 9 James Rotondi - Bass loop source material Michael Shrieve - Drum loop source material on 5“Gino” Srdjan Yevdjevich - Vocals on 5Ill-esha - Vocals on 5Nicolas Manel - Guitar solo on 9



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