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LOCATION:Palermo, Italy / Belgium
  • Alessandro Ciccarelli
  • Raveman
  • Triple D & Momo Squad
Alessandro Ciccarelli better known as "Resonancedj" (sometimes uses other aliases as "Eternalsun1" or "Theraveman") was born in Palermo by accident back in '78.Omnivorous listener of any sound, he follows with great passion and attention different music and European cultural scenes (especially Antwerp, Berlin and London), which he himself attended since the late 90s. Despite being part of the "cassette" generation, he developed an inordinate passion for vinyl that is passionate and and of which he is a tireless collector (owns about 20000 pieces). "Turntablist" (for turntablism refers to the art of playing the turntable as an instrument using techniques such
as scratching and beat juggling) and Producer, Resonancedj has an "analog" style of DJing often influenced by Funk-Soul, Rock from the 60 - '70s years' , from 80s' Disco, but does not fail to take creative ideas into its surroundings, as when, for example, playing around with "Circuit Bending" (Circuit Bending is the art of changing in a creative way through simple short circuits, electronic low voltage or battery-powered electronic devices such as toys (the most famous among them is the "Jiminy Cricket" by Clementoni), keyboards, drum machines, in order to generate new and curious sounds, and to create new musical instruments and generic sound generators).During his 14 years of activity he has participated in several multimedia projects, compilations, installations, and shared the stage with world-renowned artists (Pendulum, Kaos, Goldie, Benga, Qbert). Passionate about photography and VJ, he plays a kind of fetishistic passion for vinyl giving rise to installations often the eclectic and visionary result of his experiences around the globe.His music could be described as "contemporary", "emancipated", "broad-spectrum anti-stress" and not only ... the future is yet to be written!

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10. Resonancedj - Like this Hotel 00:01:44