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Dream Sequence by REKchampa

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"The latest club drug coming out of Atlanta goes by the street name REKchampa. Its newest strain, a particularly potent variation known as All I Have, is noteworthy for its intense side-effects. Those under its influence twitch uncontrollably to the pulsating rhythm of ’90s house before falling into a powerful
trance, which often leads to a deep catatonic state. Indeed, so unresponsive does the user become that his or her body may actually begin exhibiting rigor mortis. Remarkably, and for reasons not yet fully understood, despite (or perhaps because of) this stiffness, the body will then resume its rhythmic spasms and continue to twitch ad infinitum. This is thought to be the final stage of the usually-fatal high. However, some unverified reports have it that the subject may awaken, only reanimated in a zombified state." -Tiny Mix Tapes "Incredibly groovy in every which way..." -That's Deck



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