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Wisdom of Obscurity by Hillary Capps' Toilet Rock

Album Description

Experiments in Punk Pedagogy / Live at The New School 1. Bears in a Temple for Midgets (Kiril Orenstein, Mack Williamson, Zach Campbell):"V" for Pineapple / Ooie Ooie / Howl Like a Wolf 2. Jerry Paper (Lucas Nathan): No Effort Express / Vomit Café 3. Dreamweapon (Sammy Zalta and friends):Suicide
4. King Cobra & Mongoose (Prof. Evan Rapport & Chuck Bettis) 5. Hillary Capps' Toilet Rock: Wisdom of Obscurity 6. Poop Group (Paige Johnson-Brown, Lulu Buti, Suzie Calarco, Peter McQuillan, Oscar Rodriguez, Tommy Wall): Wisdom of Obscurity (alt. take) 7. Poop Group: Cluster Fuck / Doo Doo Surf 8. Company: Guitar Trio Bathroom photo by Hillary Capps. Quilt by Alicia Arends, Samantha Blackwood, and Christine Hamer.