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Ex Nihilo by Prana-Bindu

Album Description

Prana-Bindu: Ex Nihilo
Prana-Bindu: Ex Nihilo
Released:January 25th, 2016
Producer: Matt Sekel
Engineer: Matt Sekel

Experimental, improvisational, free jazz with a splash of noise. The rumble of a guitar meets the slash of a horn across a field of blue waves in the shining sun as a cymbal rings in the day.

01. Itanimulli Hoax

(M. Edwards, P. Flaherty, G. Janas, T. Knapp, G. Moore, M. Sekel)

02. Ogatan

(G. Janas, T. Knapp, D. Moore, G. Moore, M. Sekel, F. Ughi)

03. Trip or Trap?

(T. Knapp, D. Moore, G. Moore, M. Sekel)

04. Wombat

(V. Cosi, T. Knapp, D. Moore, G. Moore, M. Sekel)

05. Uova Strapazzate

(T. Knapp, G. Moore, M. Sekel)

06. Clouds of Megiddo

(G. Janas, D. Moore, G. Moore, M. Sekel, J. Shurdut)

07. Ruled by Cymeks

(D. Gervasi, T. Knapp, G. Moore, M. Sekel)

 Prana-Bindu is:

  • Todd Knapp: Clarinet & Percussion
  • Gene Moore: Guitar
  • Matt Sekel: Guitar

Guest Musicians:

  • Valerio Cosi: Synth
  • Marc Edwards: Drums
  • Paul Flaherty: Sax
  • David Gervasi: Guitar
  • Gene Janas: Bass
  • Daniel Moore: Synth
  • Jeffrey H. Shurdut: Sax
  • Federico Ughi: Drums

Recorded December 2010 - June 2013

Canterbury Court Studios

Recorded & Mixed by Matt Sekel

© Copyright - Prana-Bindu / Canterbury Court Studios LLC (888174742700)




Ex Nihilo
01. Itanimulli Hoax (05:43)
02. Ogatan (09:07)
03. Trip or Trap? (05:52)
04. Wombat (09:46)
05. Uova Strapazzate (04:58)
07. Ruled by Cymeks (08:54)
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Matt Sekel on 01/25/16 at 07:56PM
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