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The Inside of Glam Clam by Posset

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Having Nothing Then Giving it Away (2008)One of the earliest pieces of solo gonk I have.  A guitar and a Dictaphone/pause button woggle.  Nowt else.The Child Tells a Lie (2009)Obsession with Alan Pease’ disgraced book on Body Language led me to see a pencil drawing daughter on page 42. 
Shock scared this one outta me.Insurance Policy (2010)A real and genuine attempt to make a proper pop song – my insurance policy (obviously invalid now).  But you shoulda seen my haircut!The Shame of Metal (2008)One Ravi Shankar Record with a heavy finger on the turntable (twice).  Very excited as I thought I’d found the philosophers stone...Sitamat (2011)Micro-piece recorded for Sindre Berja.  Inuit counting game by any other name.Coleslaw Surfiet (2009)Another hotel recording (Lincoln UK).  Full of dairy brass and ready for action.Blackbird (2012)Short piece recorded on a train from Edinburgh to Glasgow... no one even looked at me.Blossoms (2008)Rainy afternoon: Guitar x 2 and Barbie Typewriter.  The kids had terrible coughs so we wrapped this up toot-suite.King of the Kick Boxers (2011)All sounds taken from the film of the same name. Officially sanctioned by zoviet:france.Will You Picture Me In My Robe? (2010)You dig Urge Overkill? Title ripped from their Vacation in Tokyo track.  Music scraped from inside the collective throat.Baby You're a Rich Man (2013)Musical Source? The Fab Four.  Method of approach? Double Dictaphone outta wack.  Where’s my Sgt Pepper?Bruff Knick (2011)Random-tape ‘schusss’, Arabic vices and loopy whines.  Mic dropped about half way through (KLUNK).The Inside of Glam Clam (2013)Designed to simulate the fine detail inside a common bi-valve.Posset Vs Alan Wilkinson (2012)It was my habit to record the soundcheck of the headliner and then spraff all over it like a snotty punk.  Exact example.  Sorry Alan.Pekar (2009)Field Recording from legendary Star & Shadow cinema during rawkus pre-teen music session.Victor Von Victory (2009)Cross between Dr Doom’s intro music and amphetamine rush up a rusty pylon.Mod Vs Skinhead (2013)Deliberate attempt to create time-shift using vocal harmonics and answer-phone tapes.Not in order now but feel free to edit, reshuffle or ignore. Tallis is the cat's name.



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