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Plumtree (1999-2000)
Plumtree (2010)
ACTIVE:1993 - 2000
  • Carla Gillis — guitar, vocals
  • Amanda Braden — guitar, vocals
  • Lynette Gillis — drums, percussion
  • Catriona Sturton — bass (1995—2000)
  • Nina Martin — bass (1993—1995)
History Plumtree was a Halifax pop/rock band that existed from 1993 and 2000. Sisters Carla and Lynette Gillis met Amanda Braden and Nina Martin through music teachers in 1993, when they were all under the age of 17. Four months later, they performed their first set, at the renowned Halifax
all-ages club Cafe Ole. Plumtree’s upbeat, “happy” sound quickly caught the ears of local indie label Cinnamon Toast Records, as well as popular Halifax bands Sloan, Thrush Hermit and Jale. This support helped Plumtree secure high-profile shows at the Halifax Pop Explosion and Toronto’s Edgefest, and kick-started years of touring. In 1995, Ottawa native Catriona Sturton joined Plumtree after Nina left for university in Montreal. Plumtree maintained a strong national (albeit underground) presence throughout the late ’90s thanks to video airplay, festival appearances, three full-length albums and near-constant touring alongside Thrush Hermit, the Local Rabbits, the Weakerthans, Duotang, Superfriendz, Julie Doiron and the Inbreds. Notable awards include Best Canadian Band Under Twenty from the YTV Achievement Awards (1996) and an East Coast Music Award nomination for Predicts the Future (1998).

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