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Yeah, You Can't Rap to This by Plebs & Fuckboys

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We don't know what the future holds, and with that in mind this may very well be the final Plebs & Fuckboys album. Random side note: The album artwork for this may be temporary if not permanent. credits released November 19, 2016    Track 1 (You Can't Rap to This: A
random freestyle. Each sentence contains a story which is made up of a collective story.    Track 2 (A Chokin' Howard: A fan fiction tale about Howard the Duck (A marvel comics character) being kidnaped by crazed liberals & then attacked at a crazed liberal dinner, where he is slowly losing his life in their bathroom.    Track 3 (Please Go Rape Them Donny Trump: One verse and a chorus that highlights and discusses both sides of the "Trump is/isn't a rapist" spectrum.    Track 4 (The Stereo Forum Affect: Vocals about being in a specific room of ideals etc that changes throughout the vibe of the instrumental.    Track 5: A jazzy 'party song' about metaphorical arson.    Track 6: (Breakin' of Eggs: A story about a certain collective of sperm cells' quest/wish of transforming from a sperm into a human being. A want to 'get a face' because they're tired or bored of being faceless.    Track 7: You Missed Kanamara Matsuri: Narration about someone missing a flight to Japan during Kanamara Matsuri season.    Track 8: (Stirner Soft: It is inspired by the existence of DC comics' Mr. Mxy & his dimensional travels. The song discusses stepping in a "farmer's planet patch" and then some, which could be interpreted as stepping in a God's uni or multiverse    Track 9: (The Jacobin Club: A theme song made for a vertical & horizontal collectivist response and coexistence with the Jacobin Club in mind.    Track 10: (Québécois: complemented with Matthew McConaughey vocals of a scene from a season of True Detective, I discuss memories and vaulted ideas & vault dwelling in a metaphorical and serious 'I search through time capsules' sense.    Track 11: (Ugly Because Sad: A song inspired by reading a "people who died while taking selfies" article. I discuss how certain folks are thirsty for a certain attention online while their fan base is thirsty to enable them.    Track 12: (A Guilty Angel's Thesis: Pretty much self explanatory with the title, featuring amusing clips from Dick Gregory and Lenny Bruce (two of my favorite comedians of all time)    Track 13: (Paik: inspired by the existence of the legendary surrealist glitch artist 'Paik'. In this song I discuss my relationship with television. "I watched you up close as you flashed me" means "So yeah, I had shit eye vision since I could remember and without the right vision help I zoom into the television just to see what's going on"   So yeah, the tv flashed me. tags  



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