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Nogølly: The Red in the Sky is Ours by Plebs & Fuckboys

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Yes, this is a 6 track album, not an EP. "Juxtapositional hip-hop" is the present & the future. ÖrmilleÖr is a fictional brainchild of Ripdae La Wise, and it is a duo made up of Björk & Camille. Juxtapositional hip-hop or "Jux-hop" is a form of experimental hip hop. It is when the emcee or artist writes & performs two different verses/poems at once, one designed for the left ear, & one for the right, and this is with or without two different instrumentals playing at once. There's a bit of that on this album in instrumental & vocal manifestations.
Our beautiful friend Carl Yvan Prévil welcomes you to our album, talking about blackness, the abyss & perhaps whatever else you hear. And the short name for this album is "See red,/Scene."creditsreleased February 15, 2017



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