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Gong/Body/Voice July 12, 1996 by Philip Corner and Restu Kusumaningrum

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Album Description

philip corner’s second album for pan y rosas, java improvs, is a box set that collects eight improvisations that were recorded over the course of a year during his travels in indonesia. from philip: Surely what drew me to Indonesia was the gamelan. A connection through years of practice with
the New York new-music group “Son Of Lion.” And there I met three marvelous musicians and played with them, drawn together by shared mind-in-the-moment music making – the only way it becomes an “universal language.” the collection is divided into three boxes and contains six and a half hours of music. the first box consists of two separate performances with percussionist yasudah s. and the dancers susana miranti kroeber and phoebe neville. the second box consists of four performances with the singer and dancer restu kusumaningrum. the third box consists of two performances with the percussionist jalu pratidina and dancer phoebe neville. ears/bodies in surakarta improvisation with: yasudah s. – on his home-made percussion instruments (yasfon and yastick) and kitchen implements susana miranti kroeber and phoebe neville – dancing april 18, 1997 gong/body/voice in jakarta with restu restu kusumaningrum – dancing and singing philip corner – gongs (collection of tony prabowo) july 12-16, 1996 jakarta and jalu, plus phoebe improvisations with: jalu pratidina – percussion phoebe neville – dancing philip corner – percussion april 22-23, 1996 full notes at: