Rosicrucian Enlightenment

Peter Cora

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Released Jan 01, 2009
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Phil Legard:"In 2009 I did a secret pseudonymous CD on Jani Hirvonen's Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam label. The music itself was the product of my apprenticeship with the Symbolic Composer (SCOM) computer-aided composition environment. I didn't release this album more publically since I felt it was generally too sterile and formal compared to my other work, although some of the approaches were drawn from the way I improvise and record organically. Through SCOM I was able to rapidly experiment with many of my interests such as combinatrics, musical geomancy, church modes, and Pythagorean symbolism... In fact the name, Peter Cora, was a corruption of Pythagoras!Some very brief notes about some of the tracks:• Perpetual Light - The title was inspired by a chapter in Willy Schrodter's Rosicrucian Notebook discussing the everburning lamp that illuminated the tomb of Christian Rosencreutz. Entirely built by manipulating an elemental unit of four pitches chosen for their luminous quality.• Edge of the Dream - The structure of this track comes from the Preparation of Luna in The Rosie Crucian Secrets compilation fancifully attributed to John Dee. I always loved the odd caption given to the diagram: "Geomancy the harmony of this preparation"! This is the second piece of music I've done using this geomantic chart as a basis.• Orphic Hymn IV - An exercise inspired by Arvo Part's compositional style, using the words from a 15th century Latin version of the Orphic Hymn to the Moon [PDF].• Decani - A series of 36 fragments each associated with ten degrees of the zodiac. The symbolic images traditionally associated with these divisions have always fascinated me - the first set of which, relating to Aries, are shown on the album sleeve."