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Torture Garden by Pee Wee Ass Vs Dee Dee Puss

Album Description

Edited and compiled from 2008 to 2013 by DJ Black Negro, the Thunder Doom compilation introduces 18 pieces by 16 artists from the 90s’ tekno/gabber/eurodance scene.DJ Black Negro—a fully white Belgian and self-proclaimed “nihilist junkie”—performs a work of archiving and research relating to quite a peculiar aesthetic.Taken in its whole, this compilation is also a fabulous aural collage to experience all the way through the listening of its pieces by Neophite, Pee Wee Ass Vs Dee Dee Puss, as well as DJ Kannibal Freak.And as Slask Norton will tell you, “This Is A Public Fuckin Domain To Me Anyway”!


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Torture Garden by Pee Wee Ass Vs Dee Dee Puss is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.