Live from the Hole Room at the Kirby Clinic

Paul Klee and the Bounceboys

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Released Oct 30, 1978
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         Paul Klee and the Bounceboys  "Live from the Hole Room at the Kirby Clinic"      1.  Going down on a dollar      2.  Tell me Nothing      3.  I want to Know      4.  Do you wanna?      5.  Me too!      6.  I dare You      7.  Going in the service       8.  More than a kiss(she never had)      9.  Mister        10. Swa Ga ( Rob on vox)      11. Now you know your ABC's      12. Teen revolution (bonus track)      13. Circle City (encore bonus track)      Paul Klee and the Bounceboys were:   Peter T Funk- Vocals and  Punk Guitar   Rob Vishi Swa- Rokk Guitar   David Kyle- Drumsbo   John Cessa (X-elton John band!)-guitar on   "Circle"   Recorded Live-realistic supertape cassette   October,1978      The story of The Bounceboys.......Peter T Funk was one of those who would be king, had he had enough time to claim his throne. Born of artistic royalty, raised amid the chaotic creative splendor of free expression, by the time we met at 14, he was ready to fly- and fly we did. Peter was studying drums with Carmine Appice,I was trying to get the cash together to train into Manhattan to study sax with Jimmy Lyons- neither of us learned anything. When I bought Anthony Braxtons' album "For Alto", we quickly unlearned all THAT- and began a series of musical experiments rebuilding nothing from nothing to become-well..nothing.  By 1978, several lifetimes later,in our mid 20's, Peter was sucking up everything John Prine and Waylon Jennings- and I was eating Devo and Glenn Branca- BUT-enough about us....... Let's go to Westport, Connecticut, USA- home of the affluenza NewYork art directors and broadway casting directors, with a few famous actors thrown in--- The only other band you may have heard of with it's core roots in this town was UT---Jaqui and Sally were in our extended social circle back in high school days. How was it possible to be homeless in this suburban wonderland? Was it?? Thanks to one Doris Kemper,ex-rockette,in her 60zz, there was an alternative- get a job washing dishes, and rent a room in her giant cupola-topped former inn gone wrong...."THE Pine Knoll Inn"-...once home to the actors doing summerstock theatre in the heyday of the Westport country playhouse, by the 70zz, it had fallen to the refugees of hard life city. 3/4 of the tenants were on a goverment check, heavily medicated, and ready to ROKK!!!! Thus,"The Kirby Clinic" was born-named after a cocker spaniel belonging to a was 24/7 madness. The scene was off the hook- the House was located next door to The Players Tavern-playing host to the likes of Muddy Waters and Peter Tosh-and virtually every midsize clubscale touring artist...whenever there was a show, the musicians would come out and party in the relative unsafety of our parking lot- one night Pat Metheny gave me a cassette of him noodling at 4 am on the tourbus- I had to record over that.....Because The BOUNCEBOYS were on fire that week-and with no money for tape...well....just ask Lee Scratch Perry what happens then....needless to say, sorry, Pat.  The Hole Room was on the ground floor of the Clinic. Peter lived there and it had a bathroom. With a drumset crammed in the corner and a couple of amps of dubious origin, our experiments had a fulltime audience, bringing offerings of various sustenance-along with new friends almost daily. This quickly became the refuge for the street people and scenesters of town- safely behind the chainlink fence, you could do as you wished, unless Doris called the police- which rarely happened ( when cars were rolled over and set on fire, apparrently it was within our rights to do so.....too fucking nuts!)  On the night of this recording, we decided to switch things up a bit.Peter was a master percussionist and drummer, and played willie nelson tunes on a nylon string guitar-strictly G/C/D stuff. I played Flute/Sax and had managed to learn a bit of guitar by having traded weed for information with Linc Chamberland since the age of 13- I could do a mean jeff beck likk, but was more likely to play inna harmolodic ulmer-ish style. Oh- I was rejected as a drummer from 5th grade band for not having tight enough timing.  So-it was decided that, on this night, I would play drums,Peter would play guitar and sing, with our fulltime 3rd member Rob Vishi Swa on guitar. Rob was a high end bluesrock fusionist, mad skills, and just plain, well...madness. On a trip to mexico 5 years earlier, he had an unfortunate encounter with some badass kids who beat his head into the pavement, leavings him for dead in a river. Luckily,our friend Jack Klee was with him, and was able to rescue him after the punks had gone. Rob hasnt been the same since. Last I heard, he went to prison for exposing and pleasuring himself in the wesport childrens library. Rokk On?  Enough about the scene and us---This music never existed---,save for this recording.The songs were a message whch we merely transcribed for some higher force, hellbent on playing with the heavily medicated minds of The Hole Room. The free association lyrics seem to point to themes of Kindergarten and playground conflict resolution...with a bit of family tragedy thrown in ("going in the service")- --On this night,the place was packed... there were 10 0r 12 residents, lounging around the 15X25ft space-the bar was in full effect, and the rastas next door were feeling generous...of all the voices heard on this tape, maybe 2 besides myself, are still breathing. Life can do that-  Within a year of this, Peter and I (on guitar) combined forces with the likes of bassist Jay Joseph, drummer Rob Reynolds, and saxophonist Scott Chamberland, to become "the Noiseboys"- pulling off a residency at the Hotel St Georges infamous "Snakepit Lounge", in Bridgeport, CT- as a Punk Fusion Band that would eventually combine (minus Peter) with trumpeter John Mulkerin into the lower east side's "liquid hips" -in 1980-81, we held down the A7 club every tuesday night with ISM and The Groovedirectors -  I think liquid hips is still together .  Peter died in 1981-He passed out after a steak and quaalude dinner, choking in his sleep, like Hendrix. The world would be different had he survived. I eventually ended up as Davo- bassist for the bunnybrains from 92-97, and also played with The Hat City Intuitive. I now  live in Portland, Oregon  reborn as DJU ( )   Hopefully, You will like this music. I had wanted to release it on vinyl as a tribute to Peter, but the money just isnt there- So I give it to the world. My dream is that everyone on earth will love it, and start a new teen revolution. lemme know what you think  :) Thanks!    Davo




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