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Various Artists | “No More Cool - Compilation Vol.1" ( SR128 )   Type: mp3Location: Japan Date: 2014Duration: 01:18:00Track: 11Genre: Japanese indie music compilation! ambient, hard rock, experimental, chamber pop, improvisation, contemporary jazz, techno, post-rock...Section: glad to be still alive Free download Curated by Junichi USUI (Tokyo), indie musicians across Japan met up at the one disk where you can hear what's ongoing in 2015's indie music scene from the north to the west area of Japan such as Aomori, Sendai (Miyagi), Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kochi, Yamaguchi.   Tracklist:01. Sag Chana(Tachikawa, Tokyo) - Passion02. mekoisu(Yamaguchi) - Monoshiri no Sora e03. NAND(Tokyo) -
Paradiso04. Les Animaux(Kyoto) - Pyjama Room05. hichinochi(Sendai, Miyagi) - kirigirisu06. POORS(Nagoya, Aichi) - HIGHWAY CAR07. Junichi USUI(Tokyo) - Strategy for something sometime08. maitadaisuke(Hachinohe, Aomori) - Ekusiadatiam09. Pistol jazz(Muroto, Kochi) - GREAT BLUE (STUDIO LIVE version)10. maryann(Nagoya, Aichi) - Hänsel und Gretel [demo]11. Blasting Rod(Nagoya, Aichi) - Twin Summers (Something Cool 20150719 Single Ver.) Contributors are: 01. Sag Chana (Tachikawa, Tokyo) Formed in July 2007 by the meeting of harmonic overtone instruments around the world and percussions from Arab. Without any melodic instruments and electronic devices, this hybrid folk trio succeeds to make own emotional music with deep texture. Members: Kazuhiro Minowa(Darbuka, Frame Drum, Riq), Joe Kitsukawa(Jaw Harp, Hamon, Melody Cymbal), Yuzo Hisada(Frame Drum, Darbuka, Jaw Harp) URL:YoutubeOfficial 02. mekoisu (Yamaguchi) "mekoisu" is a female singer-songwriter from Yamaguchi, Japan. 03. NAND (Tokyo) Nand is a Techno, House music band which has the form of rock band, but the sound is near to club music. Members: Ikki Yasuda(Drums), Masaki Kobayashi(Bass), Yui Suzuki(Synth&Voice), Yuji Takeda(Guitar) URL:Tumblr 04. Les Animaux (Kyoto) Low-budget Chamber pop unit based in KYOTO, JPN. Members: Saaya(Piano,Percussions) and Qu Romi(Batteria)*This song is about various actions and change of feelings after waking up in the morning.You can also see the recorded video of the same performance captured by different equipment, please check it on YouTube. URL:Official 05. hichinochi (Sendai, Miyagi) Formed by two younger musicians and a veteran musician. This trio covers wide range of experimental from psychedelic, free jazz to noise, punk. They formed and are based in Sendai, Miyagi PRF(North East Region) in 2014. Members: mado(organ, violin, clarinet), ono(guitar), k(drums) URL:BandcampOfficial 06. POORS (Nagoya, Aichi) POORS is a Nagoya based rock band which covers garage, punk rock through hard rock, heavy metal. Formed in 1980, through some periods, they reformed in 2008, now are known as one of the important three piece band for loud rock by their activities over these years. Members: Toshiya(guitar, vocal), YAMAKO(bass, chorus), TAKA(drums and cho) URL:Official 07. Junichi USUI (Tokyo) Junichi USUI is a musician from Tokyo and plays electric guitar, fiddle, sho, and vocal. On this track, two electric guitars and sho(Japanese own mouth organ for ancient court music) are played on a standard of A=430Hz. URL:Official 08. maitadaisuke (Hachinohe, Aomori) Short Bio: Avant-garde music by strange instrument (and self-made instruments ). URL:Youtube 09. Pistol jazz (Muroto, Kochi) Pistol jazz is an instrumental band(violence, beauty, and own vision) who expresses the energy of life with avant-garde music. Once you hear their wild sound of rapture,you will hear the sound of their burning souls are going to be a legend of Pistol Jazz. Members: Takao SETO(guitar), Masafumi MORIMOTO(bass), Atsuo HIGASHINO(drums), Hiroshi MATSUSHIMA(percussions) URL:Youtube 10. maryann (Nagoya, Aichi) We are instrumental band from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. Members: Masahiro Arafuka(guitar), sakanakaoru(guitar), Isomura Yoshihito(bass), moe(drums) URL:Facebook 11. Blasting Rod (Nagoya, Aichi) Based in Nagoya, the group has been active since July 2006. It has evolved with various members from Post-Rock informed Rock'n'Roll into Freedööm, a fusion of Free Improvisation, Raga Rock, and Drone with Doom influenced Modal Psychedelic composition. Shah leads the collective, "adding an ethnic mood, and Oriental minimalism to American Roots Music."  Juzo, who is composer/drummer for "Mad Tapes Erase Group," returns after a year's absence. Likewise, bassist Shunji Miyoshi (Ketsu Midoro) is returning following an eight-month break. Guest trumpeter Hitoshi Nagasaka rounds out the lineup for this performance. Personnel: S. Shah(Electric Guitar, Vocal, Electronics), Shunji Miyoshi(Electric Bass Guitar), Juzo Murata(Percussion) with Hitoshi Nagasaka(Trumpet) URL:Facebook Bandcamp



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