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Point counter Point (2005_6) by Ophir Ilzetzki

Album Description

Released:February 18th, 2011

suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release Ophir Ilzetzki - 'Still Life with Riots'

'less wave with independently smiling at the momentum'-undRess Béton

-Cover photo by Adam Weisser

-ATM & Dance Music recorded & produced by Lot Lievaart for Pergamon Recordings

-Free recorded and produced by Ientje Mooij

-Long Live the Gathering was commissioned for the Synesthesia Project; recorded & produced by Sagie Zakosky; electronics for tape designed by Federico Reuben

-Electronic manipulation for זמן שעובר לא שב, and live electronics for Dance Music & Free designed by Gilad Woltsovitch

List of performers:

1) Hilary Belsey- trombone, Emily Allen- horn, Andreas Borregaard- accordion, Mercedes Caroll- bass, Agnes Berard- harp

2) Amel Eiland- narrator, Ilya Ziblat Shay- e. bass, Michele Bagaglio- electronics, DJ Wojtek- e. guitar, Hen Goldsobel- d. bass, Rebecca Huber- violin, Laurence Woutenberg- horn, Kornelios Stelamzis- accordion, Teodora Stepancic, Young-Mi Choi, Dani McTapas, Yuval "the owl" Halpern- keys

3) Inbal Hever- voice, Ophir Ilzetzki- computer

4) Sophie Ardiet, Melody Yeomans- traverso, Hannah Sless, Kate Goodbehere- baroque violin, Reinhard Bartl- theorbo, Daniel Otero, Daniel Banasik, Daniel Zorzano, Marjolaine Cambon, Nicoletta Chatzopoulou- v. da gamba, Julia Broom, Hadewych Hofland, Jiyun Jeong, Keren Peta Laurier, James Hewitt- violin, Rob Manthey, Duncan Macleod- keys, Roy Shapira- conductor

5) Electroacoustic

6) Alchemy Saxophone Quartet

7) Natalia Morelos- oboe, Joana Moragues, So-Young Min- horn, Anette Schenk- b. clarinet, Kenny Talkowski, Johannes Kies- sax, Justin Christensen, Mark Neyen- trumpet, Bernadette Evers, Ben Schultz- trombone, Serge Rogalski, Ezequiel Menalled- e. guitar, Melissa Mazzoli- rhodes, Dan Felsteiner- e. bass, Gilad Woltsovitch- sensor pad, Richard Fitzhugh- conductor

8) Helen Thomson, David Rinaldi, Shlomo Blumenfeld, Yuval Halpern, Ophir Ilzetzki, Elise Caluwaerts, Luciana Mancini, Michaela Riener- voice, Lester Rodriguez Gomez- vibraphone

9) Adam Sheflan- d. bass, Ofer Pelz- accordion, Gad Lev- e. violin, Rhona Brosch- trumpet, Jonathan Hazan- soprano sax, Jonathan Albalak- e. guitar, Yizhar Karshon- harpsichord

10) Amit Dolberg- piano, Roy Harmon- trumpet, Roy Amotz- flute, Jonathan Albalak- e. guitar, Maya Penington- voice

Many thanks to all the wonderful musicians who gave so willingly of themselves in order to allow the realization of these beautiful performances.

Ophir Ilzetzki


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