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Mt. Tabor Suite, Part 1 by Old Million Eye vs. Infinite Plastic Internal

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Album Description

Recorded in Portland, OR, in May 2012. "The sounds that make up Mt. Tabor Suite were conjured up, late one spring evening, in Portland, Oregon’s Hawthorne District. Its sound world felt to me as if it were the aural signpost for the terminus of two days’ drive to the Rose
City from our home base of Oakland, California. I recall in myself feelings of quivery nervousness, always hallmarks of “something happening”, as Brian and I sat a few feet apart and played our music. I recall how assiduously we worked to keep the volume of our respective rigs down, while still allowing lively vibes to bubble up from the ether. Being travelers in a foreign town, we did not want to call unwanted attention to ourselves in a quiet neighborhood, yet our shared mood of creative exploration, alive in those moments, compelled us to move forward into its world. The sounds that make up Mt. Tabor Suite were conjured up in an elated spirit of anticipation, as Brian and I prepared for exciting events scheduled for the following two days, involving great, talented people. Looking back on the fun experiences that we had, individually and within a larger collective, I feel those magical, quivery feelings anew. Something is indeed happening, still." — Mark Pino "Mt. Tabor Suite consists of slowly changing acoustic constellations. Atomic music elements seem to form timbral and rhythmical clusters. They are always in endless rotation of this sound machine. Like a details of kinetic sculpture exchanging with information. The information is kind of series of waves when smaller oscillations interfere with larger ones to create moving textures of increasing tension. The suite is about two concurrent ways of storylines evolution: "particles consolidation" vs "monolith growth". The music drawing you in. A sort of brain tuning using neural oscillation in order to reach meditative state (human brain is just a complex set of electric waves after all). The abstract singnals to get concentrated. To think. To be." — Stanislav Bobrytskyy Visual intro to the work of Brian and Mark available here.